Story Corner

Volume 1 No.1
Month, Day, Year
Two Pense

Council Meeting

The Interplanetary Council will be meeting soon. The official Councilors list is available (far right), but we'll have to wait to see who else gathers at Narsa, and what changes we can expect to see.

Family Drama?

Monarch Jean-Dominique, the former King of Blackbane in Roquan, has made his presence known on Narsa. The official agenda of the Council meeting has so far only been shared with the Councilors, but this former Councilor has been lobbying for the right to speak to the Council on certain topics. Does the Monarch regret passing his throne to his daughter, the current Queen and Councilor Corabella? And what does this mean for the future of the Roquani royal family?


  • Guildmaster Srin
  • Lord Lyric
  • Queen Ri
  • Queen Evabella
  • Queen Corabella
  • King Jean-Olivier
  • President Kiran
  • Councilor Forest
  • Councilor Dom
  • Prime Minister Kenzie
  • Advisor Akura
  • Advisor Alkalai
  • King Ya'anai
  • Royal Advisor Rowan
  • Royal Advisor Kori
Created 2023 Five-Corners