The Kingdom of Yllia

Like many places, Yllia was once a war-torn land. It has since been united under a single throne. The throne is traditionally passed down from parent to child, but it is not always passed to the eldest child. The current king, Ya'anai, chosen by his father, is in fact the middle child of nine!

Wellspring of Tradition

The people of Yllia, Yllians, take pride in the ancient traditions that make up much of their culture. Some that can be important to know include having large families, arranged marriages, and coming-of-age celebrations.

Political Relations

Yllia has close ties to the nomadic nation of Vira. Yllia produces vast amounts of raw materials, and Viran cargo ships deliver them all over the star system.

The tension between Yllia and its neighbor Trintok has been building for generations. The combination of their vastly differing ideals and their astro-geographical proximity gives the rest of the system little chance to diffuse the growing hostility.

Council Representatives
  1. King Ya'anai
  2. Royal Advisor Rowan
  3. Royal Advisor Kori