Welcome to Vira

Welcome to Vira

Vira as a nation is unique in terms of jurisdiction. If you are on a Viran ship, you are "in Vira."

Many families, shops, and organizations have their own ships. Viran-made ships have standardized patterns and structures, and for an important reason. Periodically, the people of Vira gather, and their ships interlock. As they connect, halways and zones form. The center of this structure is the capital ship, the center of Viran leadership, which is called The Cornerstone.

When not connected as a single hive of ships, Vira acts as a delivery and transportation system for cargo and people between the planets of the star system. For this reason, Vira historically stays neutral in conflicts between the other powers.

Where to Find Us

As a nomadic nation, it can be hard to find Viran ships if you don't know where to look. Many ships follow specific trade routes and will dock in certain ports on a regular basis. You can go to your nearest port and ask if Viran ships will stop there and when. A port that doesn't host Viran ships regularly will usually be able to tell you the nearest port that does.