Welcome to Trintok

You have arrived at the liberated colony of Trintok.

Upcoming Council Representatives:

  1. PM Kenzie
  2. Advisor Akura
  3. Advisor Alkalai


Several millenia ago, when planetary engineering was new, the people of Yllia and Vira discovered a planet that was ripe for habitation. This planet, orbiting the same star as Yllia, was named Trintok, and a colony was built. The colony of Trintok was built and designed from the ground up by scientists of all kinds.

Eventually, the inhabitants of Trintok were unsatisfied with the administration of Vira and Yllia, and demanded to be allowed to govern themselves. After much conflict, but little bloodshed, independence was won.

Today, the nation-planet of Trintok is a thriving hub of technology and innovation. The meritocracy designed by the founders of this young nation still holds strong.

Persons of Interest

Some names you may hear around Trintok: