Home of the Diplomatic Corp

Royal Family:

  • Queen Isabella
  • King Avery
  • Crown Prince Jean-Luc
  • Crown Princess Sarabella
  • Princess Leahbella
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Political Affiliations

The Four Kingdoms of Roquan have alliances with the nation-planet of Yllia as well as several island kingdoms on Largo.

Council Representatives

  1. Queen Evabella
  2. Queen Corabella
  3. King Jean-Olivier


Headquarters of the Military

Royal Family:

  • Monarch Jean-Dominique
  • Monarch Lilia
  • Queen Corabella
  • Prince Jean-Pierre
  • Princet Criss
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Center of Commerce

Royal Family:

  • Queen Evabella
  • Queen River
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Trade Partners

Roquan trades various resources with Yllia, Trintok, and Largo. These goods are all transported by Viran cargo ships. Consequently, Roquan is considered an important piece of the interplanetary economy.


The Seat of Legislation

Royal Family:

  • King Jean-Olivier
  • Queen Mila
  • Crown Princess Jessabella
  • Princess Mayabella
  • Prince Jean-Francois
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Population Demographics

The majority of the people who live in Roquan are standard humanoids, but there also exist communities of centaurs, as well as a few woodland-mix species.