The Interplanetary Council

The Interplanetary Council meets 5 times every 2 years on Narsa, an inhabited asteroid considered neutral ground between the Five Corners. The Council consists of 15 seats, for 3 representatives from each of the corners. Each has their own methods of choosing their representatives on the Council. The times of the Council meetings on Narsa are a chance for the powerful and the influential (and the curious) to gather and mingle in neutral territory. It is also a chance for students at the Academy to get a glimpse of their futures.

Council Meeting

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Narsa Academy for Future Leaders

The neutral ground of Narsa is also home to the Narsa Academy for Future Leaders, a boarding school that has been attended by many of the worlds most powerful leaders and their children. Notable alumni include: the Roquani royal family, King Ya'anai of Yllia, Prime Minister Kenzie of Trintok ...and more!


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