Welcome To Largo!

This is Largo, a diverse, oceanic planet. Island sovereignties span the surface of the seas, but it is said that there are kingdoms below the seas as well.

    Persons of Interest:

  • Srin - Head of the Guild of Gravanite
  • Virgo - attendant to Srin
  • Lyric - royalty from under the sea

Gravanite is a magical mineral unique to Largo. It comes in many colors, all of which have distinctly different properties. The magic of gravanite is accessible to those with an Affinity for it. Suddies suggest that about 10% of the population of the Five Corners have Affinities for gravanite. It is rare to have an Affinity for more than one color.

The Guild of Gravanite governs the distribution of the mineral, and provides training to those with Affinities. The rules of the Guild state that anyone who can prove an Affinity has the right to training with that color of gravanite, as well as a piece of the crystal upon graduation from training.